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70563 Stuttgart | Vaihinger Markt 28

Next to your shopping mall - Schwabengalerie

Daily, Mon - Sun 10.00 am - 09.00 pm

Our exclusive massages for you

Our relaxing atmosphere will let you escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Each massage will pamper you with a variety of

warm, smoothing and

valuable oils

What is a massage good for? The benefits of a good massage:

A massage, no matter how good it is, never replaces the doctor. However, there are a plenty of things, a good and professional conducted massage can do to your well being:

  • Massage therapy has long been regarded as a therapeutic form of restoring the body back to optimum health by improving the circulation of blood to the vital organs as well as the alleviation of any form of pain coming from the superficial layers of the body. Not only that, massage is also known as a good option by those who want to relieve themselves from stress, strain and anxiety.

  • The pressure from the hands of the expert delivering the massage counts as the main source of wellness and healing in the body. With expert fingers, the massage therapist makes sure that proper pressure is applied on the different areas of the body in order to promote proper blood circulation. Massage is also responsible for the release of feel-good hormones responsible for improving the mood of a person, making it a great solution for people who are experiencing stress.

  • The benefits of massage extend far from its usual effect on the relaxation of the body. Now, it is used as a complementary therapy to speed up recovery from different bodily ailments and conditions. One cannot deny the improvement in a person’s health just by having regular massage therapy sessions, whether this involves recovering from a recent medical condition or just trying to release any form of pent-up bodily stress which can lead to the development of serious physiological ailments.

  • We at Dhara Thai Massage Studio have a professionally well-trained team that will meet your needs. We guarantee high-quality services that you will find friendly, accommodating and above all, professionally equipped with the right skills that will leave you feeling refreshed, healthy and relaxed. Rest assured that our team will always be there to meet your needs with the best professional skills plus a welcoming ambience that will keep you coming back for more.

  • Finally: As a regular customer you enjoy various benefits - ask for our bonus card welcome program. 

Welcome to Dhara Thai Massage Studio!

In the new established studio, there is a welcoming and friendly atmosphere and you find everything necessary to relax and feel well. There are seperate single and double rooms to guarantee your privacy, the new massage beds are very comfortable. The smell of valuable massage oils, candle lights and gentle music come along with traditional massage techniques - enjoy the ever lasting moments.

Massages for yourself or together with your dear one: We will pamper you. Your body relaxes, your mind becomes silent, all those thoughts fade away and your soul gets wide - feel yourself refreshed and strong.

In our team there are special trained massage therapists with international experience. They will meet your needs, find your individual way of well being. Ask us we will counsel you and together we will find the right treatment and professional massage for you.

You are unique - and so are our massages.